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Quote of the month

“ It isn’t where you’re at,

it’s how far you’ve come”

– Randy Ruiz


Sarita Ruiz

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and

Strategic Marketing Consultant

With a deep understanding of business principles, coupled with real-world application, I'm here to be your partner in achieving sustainable growth and maximizing your business potential.

Hola, I’m Sarita Ruiz. I bring a wealth of knowledge, backed by a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience and MBA*, to help you navigate the complexities of the business world.

Let’s Do This!

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*brushes shoulders off in a “look what I did” fashion

My Background

Born and Raised in Upstate New York

20 years of experience

I want to share my knowledge

help you avoid the mistakes I made myself

and see you succeed

i’m dedicated to my craft


Utica School of Commerce- 2010

Associates Degree - Business Administration

SUNY Polytechnic - 2015

Bachelors Degree - Business Administration

Syracuse University Whitman School of Management - 2023

Masters of Business Administration, Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Over 20 years in sales and marketing

Over 10 years success in the food truck industry

Business Plan creation and competitions

Strategic Marketing plan creation

“How To Start a Food Truck” course

instructor and author

Background in human services working

with individuals with developmental disabilities

Team up with someone who knows business

WISE Women in Business Award


I’m grateful for this incredible recognition from the WISE Women's Business Center in Syracuse, NY. It drives me to continue striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries.

Salute Academy YWCA Award


It was an honor to be the first ever recipient of this newly created category. As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about recognizing the hard work and achievements of others in the field. Being recognized in a new category was truly the cherry on top. Working with this phenomenal organization has been a true pleasure and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

Food Industry Expert

Since 2013

Having spent more than a decade operating my food truck throughout New York State while experiencing just about anything you can imagine- my insight into the food trucking world is unmatched. Send me a message if you're interested in taking my "How to Start a Food Truck" course. Check out me and the kiddo at an event!

Does this sound familiar to you?




Exhausted and Frustrated Woman Is Working on Difficult Business Task and Has Bad Conversation.

I already have a business

but It needs improvement”

My head is full of ideas

but I don’t know where to start”

I don’t know how to design a

business plan or marketing plan”

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and need to boost sales? Maybe you already have a business but you need to spice it up a bit. I can help you design a plan that aims to increase revenue and brand recognition with a creative consultation or rebranding strategy session.

Executing an idea can be difficult if your mind is cluttered with other things such as work, the realities of life, and potential barriers to entry. I can help you find solutions and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

You probably know that strategizing is a key component to developing a sustainable business plan and an effective marketing plan. Though you may not know where to begin- I can help you navigate through your ideas to create your master plan.

let's do this!

Contact directly for speaking engagements see topic examples below

One Hour session


Need to talk business? Got a ton of “crazy” ideas and need help navigating through them? I’m here for you! Schedule a one on one online counseling and collaboration session for concept creation,

start-ups, and entrepreneurs.


business Plan



Are you ready to take your business to the next level but feeling a little lost in the funding process? Let's work together to create a business plan that's tailored to your specific needs. In a 2 hour session, we'll break down the process step-by-step and give you the confidence to take your big idea to the next level.


Strategic Marketing plan



Have you ever felt like you’ve taken a great workshop or marketing class then sat down with your laptop and coffee, excited to do it on your own, and go totally blank? Like, what did I just learn? I’m here to sit with you one on one to walk you through it!




For businesses that are looking to boost sales, or have hit a plateau and need to spice it up a bit. Research driven session geared towards established businesses looking to restructure their current marketing plan.

1 hour session


custom consulting

Sometimes you need to “call in the big dogs”, let go and allow an outsider with a different perspective to evaluate your business and make recommendations. This option includes on-site assistance in areas such as project management, employee relations, and supply chain issues. Evaluation and recommendations will be provided, with implementation optional.


How To start a

food truck course


6 week course designed to help you understand the in’s and out’s of food trucking. We discuss everything from start-up cost and life as a food trucker, to deep diving for suitable equipment and how to operate it. This course is taught one on one for 1 hour per week, participation is required.


Speaking engagement topics include:

Entrepreneurial Coaching and Guidance- What do I do with all these ideas?

Marketing 101- Get yourself out there!

Business Planning 101- What the heck am I doing?

Work/Life Bland- Is there such a thing?

Failure is a feeling- Why some can’t afford to fail and how to change that mindset

Women in business- Why do I gotta be “sensitive”?

Employee morale and motivations- Are you really in touch with your investments?

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Frequently asked questions

How do I book a session?

To reserve your session, simply click on one of the links above and fill in the information in its entirety. I will contact you to set up a time that works for both of us, along with payment information.

Is there a minimum number of sessions I have to book?

There is no minimum requirements for the number of sessions you book. You may just have a few questions or need a little guidance and that’s great! Even only one session can be very effective for you and your business!

Can you write my business plan for me?

I do not offer business plan writing services, though I do guide you through the process with the same effort I would put into writing my own. I offer sessions geared specifically towards teaching individuals how to author their own business plans.

What if I take the food truck course and decide

not to start a food truck?

This means you are VERY lucky! You’ve just saved yourself thousands of dollars and a bunch of time doing something you don’t love. Take the time to discover what your true path is.

Planning and execution made our event at

Bethel Woods for Woodstock a success!

Have any other questions?


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